Beta Sitosterol — Eight Months In

On the Beta Sitosterol front, I have just started my third jar of the stuff. That means I’ve been popping the pills for over 8 months. I’ve just taken snap shots of my noggin (that’s UK slang for head). The before and after pictures are hard to compare in detail, so it’s tricky to tell exactly what has happened. Not to mention my before shots are kind of crappy.

Sadly no massive regrowth on my thinning crown. However, it does seem that hair loss has halted. I’m no worse or better than before, which isn’t bad thing. Whether this is down to the Beta Sis or just coincidence I have no idea. It’s taken WidowsPeak three years to see good all round growth, so I’ll probably stick out for another year or so, whilst monitoring progress. I’ve treated myself to a snazzy new camera, so in future I may well post pics to the site, if they’re worth seeing.

Just a quick note… this year I’ve decided to make it a solid goal to REGROW hair (without using drugs). I already have a plan of attack for the forthcoming months with various diet changes and techniques. I’m also going to be trying a very exciting new topical treatment that I hold great hopes for.

Keep ’em peeled, there’s going to be an avalanche of new articles.

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