Drink Up or Go Bald

So many people search for the magic bullet of hair loss prevention, yet many are not looking at the basics of good health. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… a healthy body means healthy hair, or at the very least you are giving your hair a better chance of survival. And incase you hadn’t realised water is one of the most essential nutrients your body requires. Every single cell in your body needs water to function. Water also helps shift amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a whole bunch of other nutrients around the body and aids in their use. Yep, all those things that are needed for hair growth and maintainence. And that’s only scratching the surface. Put simply, if you aren’t getting adequate water then you are hampering your health and in turn your hair.

Sixty four ounces (roughly eight glasses) is the recommended amount of daily water intake, but this can vary if you exercise more or live in a hotter climate you will need more. If you feel even slightly thirsty then chances are your body isn’t getting adequate water. If you drink a lot of coffee or alcohol then you will probably be peeing out more water than you take in, so it may be an idea to try and cut down. It’s not rocket science — simply keep a glass or bottle of water handy at all times and sip on it through out the day, your hair will thank you.

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