Growing my Hair Experiment with Beta Sitosterol – Update 1

Nearly two weeks into my experiment with beta sitosterol, as I expected no hair growth to report yet. It will take a few months before I see any new hair developing. However, I can’t be sure but it seems the rate at which my hair is shedding has decreased, obviously good news. And as for my concern about decreased labido, no worries there — at all. Slightly strange side effects… my voice seems to have become a little deeper and my hair does seem a little greasier than normal.

I’ve been studying the mechanisms of exactly how beta sitosterol works and made a few tweaks based on that. Beta sitosterol is commonly sold as a cholesterol reducing supplement. It works by locking onto the cholesterol before it gets digested which stops it being absorbed and is then excreted out. But my goal is for hair growth so if the beta sistosterol is being flushed out of your body with cholesterol it means it isn’t being absorbed, not good.

The trick is to avoid taking beta sitosterol before or with fatty meals. What I’ve started doing is taking it first thing in the morning with just a banana, and let that digest for half an hour before I have my low fat breakfast (oats and skimmed milk). Failing that just taking beta sitosterol with at least an hour and a half either side of meals should be fine too.

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