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7th July 2008

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The Hair Loss Master Plan

This page will be a summary of all the products and ideas that I've reviewed and whether on not I've decided to add them to my regime or not. It'll be regularly updated so keep your eyes peeled... Read the Rest of This Article >>

Beta Sitosterol — Eight Months In

31st January 2007

On the Beta Sitosterol front, I have just started my third jar of the stuff. That means I've been popping the pills for over 8 months. I've just taken snap shots of my noggin (that's UK slang for head). The before and after pictures are hard to compare in detail, so it's tricky to tell exactly what has happened. Not to mention my before shots are kind of crappy. Sadly no massive regrowth on my thinning crown. However, it does seem that hair loss has halted. I'm no worse or better than before, which isn't bad thing. Whether this is down to the Beta Sis or just coincidence I have no idea. It's taken WidowsPeak three years to see good all round growth, so I'll probably stick out for another year or so, whilst monitoring progress. I've treated myself to a snazzy new camera, so in future I may ... Read the Rest of This Article >>

Hair Regrowth with Beta Sitosterol: Interview with WidowsPeak

20th September 2006

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for, the interview with WidowsPeak. If you haven't heard of this fella, he's experienced remarkable hair re-growth from primarily using beta sitosterol. Without further a do... How do you think beta-sitoserol has helped you to regrow your hair? I believe that beta-sis works by blocking the binding of 5ar to testosterone to make DHT. This process still happens, so the body gets some DHT (which it needs), but not enough to kill hair follicles. This allows the hair to regrow. How long was it before you started seeing significant regrowth? I started to see hairs regrowing within a few weeks of taking beta-sis. It took about 6 months before I could see that I had hair regrowing about 1/2 inch below where my hairline was. Many of the hairs had no pigmentation, so I dyed them black and was able to capture hair regrowing about ... Read the Rest of This Article >>

Growing my Hair Experiment with Beta Sitosterol – Update 2

28th June 2006

Just a quick update about my hair growing adventures with beta sitosterol. I've been on the supplement for nearly a month and a half. I think, but have no clear "data", that my hair shedding has definately decreased. But the most interesting thing is my scalp is itching -- no, I haven't got headlice -- this is exactly what I've been waiting for. As WidowsPeak recently told me... The first thing that I noticed when I first started takinig beta-sis was that my scalp got oilier within the 1st month. This dissipated and then I noticed an itching in the areas where I got regrowth, so if you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's a good sign. Apparently the itching is caused by tiny baby hairs called velous hairs starting to grow, with follicles that were once dieing off slowly coming back to life. To me this is very good news, ... Read the Rest of This Article >>

Drink Up or Go Bald

7th June 2006

So many people search for the magic bullet of hair loss prevention, yet many are not looking at the basics of good health. I've said it before and I'll say it again... a healthy body means healthy hair, or at the very least you are giving your hair a better chance of survival. And incase you hadn't realised water is one of the most essential nutrients your body requires. Every single cell in your body needs water to function. Water also helps shift amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a whole bunch of other nutrients around the body and aids in their use. Yep, all those things that are needed for hair growth and maintainence. And that's only scratching the surface. Put simply, if you aren't getting adequate water then you are hampering your health and in turn your hair. Sixty four ounces (roughly eight glasses) is the recommended amount of daily ... Read the Rest of This Article >>

Growing my Hair Experiment with Beta Sitosterol – Update 1

22nd May 2006

Nearly two weeks into my experiment with beta sitosterol, as I expected no hair growth to report yet. It will take a few months before I see any new hair developing. However, I can't be sure but it seems the rate at which my hair is shedding has decreased, obviously good news. And as for my concern about decreased labido, no worries there -- at all. Slightly strange side effects... my voice seems to have become a little deeper and my hair does seem a little greasier than normal. I've been studying the mechanisms of exactly how beta sitosterol works and made a few tweaks based on that. Beta sitosterol is commonly sold as a cholesterol reducing supplement. It works by locking onto the cholesterol before it gets digested which stops it being absorbed and is then excreted out. But my goal is for hair growth so if the beta sistosterol ... Read the Rest of This Article >>

Re-Grow Your Hair with Saw Palmetto

19th May 2006

In England there was a hair growing competition over the course of a year (no, I’m not kidding), the winner was a fella who had been taking freeze dried saw palmetto berries every day. Apparently he had pretty good hair re-growth. Judging by hair loss forums and chat rooms saw palmetto appears to be one of the most popular “natural” hair loss remedies. Freeze dried saw palmetto berries are one option, another is to buy the extracted form in pills from your local health store. But before you rush out and stock up let me introduce you to… …Saw Palmetto’s Big Brother, Beta Sitosterol The main active ingredient in saw palmetto that is thought to stop hair loss is beta sitosterol (beta sitosterol hair loss article here which also explains the mechanisms how both substances work). And then consider that a typical serving of beta sitosterol has more active ingredient than 3000 ... Read the Rest of This Article >>

Beta Sitosterol — Nature’s Hair Loss Supplement

15th May 2006

Could Beta Sitosterol be the cheapest most effective natural male hair loss supplement? One fella going by the nick name of WidowsPeak thinks so -- using beta sitosterol not only has he halted hair loss, he’s actually regrown new hair. I’ve mulled over whether or not I should give beta sitosterol a whirl for a while. Initially the slightly scary name put me off, but on further inspection there is not much to be worried about, in fact quite the opposite. All Natural Goodness Beta sitosterol belongs to a group of plant extracts called phytosterols. Chances are you eat it every day already as it’s found in rice, wheat germ, avocado, various oils and other plant based foods. An old study showed that unless we get fresh beta sitosterol daily our body will become depleted of it. The study concluded that beta sitosterol should to be taken daily for “optimal functioning” (Metabolism ... Read the Rest of This Article >>

Zinc and Healthy Hair

2nd May 2006

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